Open Your Space, 1990, 450 cm x 800 cm x 500 cm, Cellulosic Paper
Spice Valve, 1990, Russian Museum St. Petersburg
spice and valve
Five Potato Stamps, 1990
Invitation au Voyage, 1990
250 cm x 80 cm x 60 cm, steel and spice
Take Your Distances I, 1990
Latent, 1991
Take Your Distances II, 1991, Krakow 
Take Your Distances I, 1990
The Shelter, 1991, BM Contemporary Art Center
from the Blind Invisible exhibition 
Five Canonical Elements, 1992, Painting and Sculpture Museum Istanbul
Resistance, 1992, 320 m2, Wall painting with graphite
Subversion, 1992, 3rd Istanbul International Biennial 
3D rendering for The Shadow Of
The Shadow Of, 1993, Deajon Art Museum
Between Us, 1994, Tel-Aviv, Art Focus I
Sleep of Lead, 1995, Ankara Railway Station
Vehbi Koç Contemporary Art Collection, Istanbul
Battleship, 1994, MD Şantiye Gallery, Izmir
Skinning, 1995, 4th Istanbul Biennial
Evlerimizin Tozlarından Tozlarımızın Evine, 1996, AKM
Skinning, 1995, 4th Istanbul Biennial
Asya, 1996, Siyah Beyaz Gallery, Ankara
Dust to Dust / Tozdan Toza, 1996
Miscarriage Moon, 1996, Paris
Go and Come, 1997, Cultural and Congress Center, M.E.T.U. Ankara

Blood Circulation, 1998
Masquerade, 1998
Grabbing to Life, 1998
Draw me a House, 1998
From a Span of View, 2002, Maçka Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul
Towered the World of Objects and Other Realms, 2002, Gallery Apel, Istanbul
Who Knows Who Cares
Vestiaire, 2002, Ram Foundation, Rotterdam
Cabinet of Drawings, 2004, Akbank Art Center, Istanbul
Convivialité, 2004, French Cultural Center, Istanbul