The jester character emerged when I needed a change because I felt tired or sour. He's not a cheerful character at any rate. We have to talk about the environment in which we live, full of putting each other down and strange intriques. He took his name by influence from this envi-ronment: 


Yes, "WhoKnowsWhoCares" points to the way in which modern, urban man exists and lives. It is an environment where people live for themselves and, even if they think of others, do well for their own benefit.
Often as people are saying "WhoKnowsWhoCares" is not a clown, he's a jester. A clown is a character that acts to make people laugh at circuses and fairs. The same cannot be said of a jester. Kings have a jester and their duty is to entertain those in power. The king cannot touch them, and they can even serve as a confidant. Like a bridge between the power and the people, his character carries the weight of society and communicates what the people cannot say to the king. When an artist turns into a fool, when he puts on that mask, he changes, he can live his freedom forever and everything is allowed to him.

"WhoKnowsWhoCares" enters a meaningful relationship with the viewer through photography, video, or per-formance.
WhoKnowWhoCares IV, 2002, digital print on vinyl
Craniopagus Conjoined Twin Mushroom, 2005, video performance
WhoKnowWhoCares on Cable, 2008, video performance
His makeup: White face, lined eyes, orange hair. Always a stylish dark suit and a white shirt, shoes without socks; his movements are sharp and flowing. His verbal language is related to his stream of consciousness and the role he's going to play, and might be thought of as a combination of all the languages of the world. He speaks no language, but at the same time all languages. More than the meaning of words, his sounds, words, and the actions of the roles he brings to life carry meaning.

"WhoKnowsWhoCares" is a witness of the world in which we live. He has a sharp, pitiless, critical, and political stance. He leaves spectators in a purgatory between surprise, sadness, stepping away, and laughter.

Is a mask worn to hide or to reveal?