This became a work that emerged from the 1995 work "Lead Sleep".
I couldn't fall asleep as I took the night bus to Izmir.
When I got there, I decided to change the work I would do.
Seda and Baris were to be my assistants. Instead of a single person lying under a piece of paper, now there would be a couple.

First we used glue to prepare the surface of the paper. We stamped tank designs onto clover-studded packaging paper like a convoy of ants. They went towards a hole cut in the shape of a tank. Seda and Baris hugged each other and lay down. After the paper and glue dried, I put a blue light in the space left by their bodies. This light came out of the tank-shaped hole.
Although the color blue generally suggests the idea of emptiness and immateriality, the volume created by this paper form suggested a piece of nature, a geological flower covered double-hill. I thought very quickly as I looked at the work and all of a sudden I found myselt say-ing, "The Afternoon of 2 Pastoral Gods".

During this era, tanks wander around that chase away the sleep even of pastoral gods and they get lost in their own images...